Hiroshima University Admission Infomation 2023-2024

Educational Design for Teacher Educators ProgramTeaching Japanese as a Second Language ProgramProfessional DevelopmentProgram forTeachers and School LeadersProgram forLaw Practice ProfessionalsEducational Studies ProgramInternational Education Development Program8Graduate ProgramsHumanities andSocial SciencesGraduate School ofEducationalSciencesFor more informationhttps://www.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/en/gshsDivision ofThis program emphasizes Sustainable Develop-ment and aims to train the students, who possess ability to conduct research and engage in practice based on the fundamental principles of interna-tional cooperation in development studies through social science approaches, and those who possess excellent communication skills to collab-orate with people from diverse backgrounds.Psychology ProgramLaw and Politics ProgramEconomics ProgramManagement Sciences ProgramInternational Peace and Co-existence ProgramInternational Economic Development ProgramIntegrated Arts and Human Sciences ProgramJoint International Master’s Programme in Sustainable Development (Hiroshima University and University of Graz)[Master's Course]Humanities ProgramProfessional Development Programfor Teachers and School LeadersDivision ofProfessional Development for Teachers and School Leaders[Professional Degree Course][Master's Course /Doctoral Course]Division ofLaw School[Professional Degree Program]This program conducts basic and fundamental research on various educational objectives, contents, methods, organizations, and systems, as well as applied research that contributes to solving various problems in contemporary education, from philosophical, historical, sociological, international, methodological, lifelong learning, institutional, administrative, and management perspectives.This program offers a wide range of courses and seminars of education research in Asia and African regions, in pursuit of its ultimate goal of realizing quality lifelong learning society and sustainable education development in developing countries. Moreover, the program aims to cultivate ability to conduct collaborative problem solving through interna-tional cooperation with global perspectives and lead the edge of teaching and research activities in educational development with due respect to the local context of the country.Educational Design for Teacher Educators ProgramEducational Studies ProgramTeaching Japanese as a Second Language ProgramInternational Education Development ProgramProgram for Law Practice ProfessionalsDivision of[Master's Course /Doctoral Course]The Program for Law Practice Professionals cultivates specialized academic knowledge and the ability to effectively apply it, and fosters the skills necessary for advanced profes-sionals, including the ability to make arguments and statements. The program offers courses that enhance the education and expertise needed to examine various issues that arise in modern society from diverse perspectives, and develops highly specialized professionals with a sense of responsibility and sufficient professional ethics.We develop human resources with deep insight into human beings and society, and who will collaborate with experts in other fields, including the natural and life sciences, to create the human society of the future.This program focuses on the place where learning takes place (space), the mechanisms that draw out learning (curriculum, learning materials), and the human resources that support learning (professionals), in order to advance the teaching profession in response to the growing complexity of educational issues, and to cultivate the qualities and abilities of teacher educators who can design the educational vision expected by society.This program fosters researchers in Japanese language education who possess the following abilities. (1) Advanced expertise and research skills in Japanese language education and Japanese language and culture. (2) Play a central role in the construction of a global Japanese language education network. (3) Be able to support those who contribute to the realization of a peaceful society by acting as a bridge between countries.This program aims to nurture teachers as "comprehen-sive and practical professionals" who are responsible for creating new schools that pursue "inquiry, creativity, and collaborative learning." Through a curriculum that interweaves theory and practice, the program cultivates excellent practical response and practical research skills that can contribute to solving problems at schools and in the local community.Humanities andSocial SciencesDivision of Educational Sciences [Master's Course / Doctoral Course]Division ofProfessional Development forTeachers and School Leaders[Master's Course / Doctoral Course]Division ofLaw School[Law School / Professional Degree Course]Joint International Master'sProgramme in SustainableDevelopment (Hiroshima University and University of Graz)[Master's Course]

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