Hiroshima University Admission Infomation 2023-2024

Humanities ProgramLaw and Politics ProgramManagement Sciences ProgramInternational Economic Development ProgramPsychology ProgramEconomics ProgramInternational Peace and Co-existence ProgramIntegrated Arts and Human Sciences Program7This graduate school, known as the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, has two missions: the pursuit of various sciences for the betterment of humanity and society, and the endeavor to build a sustainable and peaceful world through education. It aims to cultivate individuals with profound insights into human beings and society, along with a strong interest in fields beyond their own areas of expertise. By collaborating with experts from diverse disciplines, including natural sciences and life sciences, it seeks to foster profes-sionals who will contribute to the creation of future human societies.in the Humanities and Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary fieldBased on the philosophy of taking a fundamental and holistic view of human beings and culture and constantly seeking and exploring new knowledge, the Humanities Program cultivates individuals with advanced research skills and deep academic knowledge who can contribute to the inheritance and coexistence of culture through broad and deep study of cultural phenomena of all times and places, with an eye on the future of humankind.This program encompasses law, political science, international relations, and sociolo-gy as areas of specialization, and offers courses dealing with themes such as "New Public Management," "Corporate Governance and Law-abiding Management," "Global Publicness," and "Medical Social Sciences. " The program cultivates the ability to incorporate cutting-edge knowledge and perspectives and to derive practical solutions to problems.The Management Program approaches various management issues faced by organi-zations from the three fields of organization and management, accounting and information, and community and exchange. The program is unique in that it attempts to "fuse theory and practice" by intensely intermingling the latest theories of research-ers with the realities of professionals engaged in business and public organizations.Students will learn the latest data science based on "causal inference" and apply it to various problems in society with classmates from 40 countries around the world. "Causal inference" is the latest decision-making science that goes beyond convention-al data science including Big Data & AI. It is the scientific literacy that all future young leaders must have in any field.Graduate ProgramsThis program fosters individuals who can approach the scientific elucidation of human behavior and its underlying psychological processes from a variety of psychological perspectives, including cognitive/physiological, social, educational/learning, develop-mental/infantile, and clinical perspectives, and who are equipped to solve problems related to such processes, thereby meeting social needs in the fields of advanced research and clinical psychology.This program fosters the ability to seek objective and factual solutions to econom-ic and social problems by taking a theoretical and historical perspective on the domestic and international economy and by making full use of quantitative analysis methods. The program fosters human resources who have acquired a high level of specialized knowledge and are able to use it in the real economic and corporate world.This program is based on peace studies, cultural anthropology, political science, legal study, and area studies, with "peace and co-existence" as a common keyword, and aims to acquire specialized knowledge and critical thinking. This is an English-taught program in which students from all over the world study together in Hiroshima, a place that advocates peace.The Human Sciences Program provides cross-disciplinary education, enabling students to acquire expertise in specific fields as well as knowledge and methodologies that transcend the boundaries of research fields, and to foster human resources capable of addressing various issues facing contemporary society through collaboration with other fields. Students participate in research projects together with faculty members and develop the ability to utilize their own specialized fields from a broad perspective.To deepen traditional knowledge-seeking academics and the creation of new social values, consolidation of existing academic fields into a single graduate schoolDivision of Humanities and Social Sciences [Master's Course / Doctoral Course]Graduate SchoolHumanities and Social SciencesAcademic Degree Program5 Majors and 15 Programs

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