Hiroshima University Admission Infomation 2023-2024

i3TheEntranceExamnation forInternational ApplicantsFor details, please refer to the Application Guidelines for “The General Entrance Exam” or “Entrance Examination for International Applicants” (WEB version).SchoolCourseIntegrated Global Studies (IGS)Humanities in English CourseApplied Biological Science ProgramThe General Entrance ExaminationSelection System A(for IGS only)Selection System BSelection System CUndergraduate ProgramsIntegrated Arts and SciencesLettersEducationLawEconomicsScienceMedicineDentistryPharmaceutical SciencesEngineeringApplied Biological ScienceInformatics and Data ScienceCourseIntegrated Arts and Sciences, Integrated Global Studies (IGS)HumanitiesCluster 1: School EducationCluster 2: Science, Technology and Society Education Cluster 3: Language and Culture EducationCluster 4: Life-long Activities EducationCluster 5: Fundamentals for Education and Human DevelopmentLawEconomicsMathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biological Science, Earth and Planetary Systems ScienceMedicine, Health SciencesDentistry, Oral Health SciencesPharmaceutical Sciences, Medicinal SciencesCluster 1: Mechanical Systems, Transportation, Material, and EnergyCluster 2: Electrical, Electronic, and Systems EngineeringCluster 3: Applied Chemistry, Biotechnology and Chemical EngineeringCluster 4: Civil Engineering and ArchitectureApplied Biological ScienceInformatics and Data ScienceDegreeBachelor of Arts and SciencesBachelor of ArtsBachelor of AgricultureSpringPreparationJunePreparationApplication/ExaminationDegreeBachelor of Arts and SciencesBachelor of ArtsBachelor of EducationBachelor of LawsBachelor of EconomicsBachelor of ScienceBachelor of MedicineBachelor of NursingBachelor of Health SciencesBachelor of DentistryBachelor of Oral Health SciencesBachelor of PharmacyBachelor of Medical SciencesBachelor of EngineeringBachelor of AgricultureBachelor of Informatics andData ScienceAdmissionAprilAprilAprilJulyAugustAnnouncementPreparationOverseas Entrance Interview Examinationfor International Applicants in JulyOverseas Entrance Interview Examinationfor International and Japanese Applicants in NovemberOn Campus Entrance Interview Examinationfor International Applicants in February(As of April 1, 2023)(As of April 1, 2023)For undergraduate level, Hiroshima University consists of 12 schools which provide undergraduate courses including majors in the natural sciences, humanities, the social sciences, and many others.2023Schools, Courses and DegreesCourses Offered in EnglishAdmission ScheduleUndergraduate Programs

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