Hiroshima University Admission Infomation 2023-2024

Kasumi and Higashi-Senda Libraries Outline (as of 2022)Partnership with Local Professional Sports TeamsHiroshima serves as a base for professional sports teams, including Hiro-shima Toyo Carp, Sanfrecce Hiroshima F.C., and JT Thunders Hiroshima. In close collaboration with these teams, Hiroshima University Hospital contributes to their performance enhancement by assessing the physical fitness of new players and offering daily health advice.COVID-19 ResponseWith the philosophy of 'providing holistic and integrated medical care,' 'cultivating superior medical experts,' and 'pursuing new medical innovations,' Hiroshima University Hospital, as a core hospital in the Chugoku/Shikoku area, provides advanced medical care that reflects the latest headways in the rapidly progressing field of medicine.As a New Center for Humanities and Social Sciences with a Focus on the Education of Legal Professionals, the Center educates students in daytime courses at the School of Law and other schools, and conducts educational and research projects in collaboration with other universities, industries, local govern-ments, and organizations.Approx.Approx.Books and periodicals in the fields of medicine, dentistry,pharmacology, and public health0.19 million0.07 millionBooks and periodicals in law and economicsKasumi Library 2F West(Kasumi Campus)Concerning clinical care, Hiroshima University Hospital dedicates eight beds for critically ill patients undergoing ECMO treatment. In the event of an infection outbreak, the hospital has 28 beds for patients with moderate symp-toms to provide comprehensive medical care. The total number of admissions (number of patients x number of days) exceeded 2,000. Hiroshima University Hospital responded quickly and announced participation in the national government's workplace vaccination campaign. Not limiting itself to vaccinating only HU students and faculty members, the hospital actively promoted the campaign in partnership with Higashi-Hiroshima City by conducting workplace vaccinations at local companies, sending dentists to perform certain med-ical acts, and operating large-scale collective vaccination centers established by Hiroshima City. To date, the hospital has administered more than 100,000 vaccinations.The Legal Service Center of the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences was established in 2005 as part of the social contribution activities of Hiroshima University Law School. It provides free legal advice on civil matters once a week.The present Hiroshima University Institute of History of Medicine was completed in 1999 and retains almost the same design as the former Institute of History of Medicine, which served as a weapons depot for the Hiroshima Army Weapons Factory during the war. The current building, partially constructed with bricks and stones used at the time of the atomic bombing, is known as the Hibaku Building.32LibrarySurfaceareaNo. of seatsfor readingNo. of volumesMain categories in the collectionKasumi Library2,382m2385 seatsHigashi-SendaLibrary685m281 seatsDatabases and Services →P.30Writing Center →P.30Learning Support Space, BIBLA →P.30BIBLA in the Kasumi Library is open around the clock to students whose home campus is Kasumi.Campus GuideKasumi Library(Kasumi Campus)Higashi-Senda Library(Higashi-Senda Campus)Higashi-Senda Library(Higashi-Senda Campus)For more informationhttps://www.lib.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/?lang=englishFor more informationhttps://www.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/en/hosp/Kasumi Libraryhttps://www.lib.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/index.php?page_id=348LibrariesHigashi-Senda Innovative Research Center〈Higashi-Senda Campus〉Hiroshima University Hospital 〈Kasumi Campus〉Legal Service Center〈Higashi-Senda Campus〉Institute of History of Medicine〈Kasumi Campus〉

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