Hiroshima University Admission Infomation 2023-2024

Street NssekCarStationbyoi ii inmaeirodenStreet Car (UjinaLne)Hiroshima CitySchool ofPharmaceuticalSciencesKasumi Hall Kasumi Hall (Restaurant/Shop)(Restaurant/Shop)Program of MedicineSchool of MedicineResearch Institute forResearch Institute forRadiation Biology and MedicineRadiation Biology and MedicineSchool of LawSchool of Economics Evening CourseProgram ofHealth SciencesSchool of MedicineKasumi LibraryKasumi LibraryRyounRyounLecture BuildingLecture Building31The Kasumi Campus, situated in Hiroshima City, is the esteemed home of the Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmaceutical Sciences, along with the Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences. It also hosts essential research facilities and the Hiroshima University Hospital. Serving as a vital hub, our campus plays a key role in providing advanced medical education, pioneering research, and clinical expertise.The Higashi-Senda Campus in Hiroshima City occupies a portion of Hiroshima University's former site before relocating to Higashi-Hiroshima City, where most of HU's divisions are assembled on a single campus. This campus hosts classes for the School of Law (daytime and evening courses) and the School of Economics (evening course).Campus GuideSchool ofMedicineSchool ofDentistryTo KamiyachoBus Stop(Nissekibyoinmae)The Center for PeaceThe Center for PeaceLegal Service CenterLegal Service CenterTo Ujina (Hiroshima Port)School ofPharmaceutical SciencesRyozanpakuRyozanpaku(Resident House)(Resident House)To Ujina (Hiroshima Port)GymnasiumGymnasiumSchool of LawSchool of EconomicsEvening CourseMemorial Monument for theMemorial Monument for theVictims of the Atomic BombVictims of the Atomic BombGardenGardenBus Stop(Nisseki-byoinmae)HTo JR Hiroshima StationExperimental StationExperimental Stationof Medical Plantsof Medical PlantsInstitute ofInstitute ofHistory ofHistory ofMedicineMedicineSchool ofDentistryBus Stop (Daigakubyoinmae)Bus Stop (Daigakubyoinmae)Hiroshima UniversityHiroshima UniversityHospitalHospital(Outpatient Ward)(Outpatient Ward)Hiroshima UniversityHiroshima UniversityHospitalHospital(Inpatient Ward)(Inpatient Ward)Higashi-SendaHigashi-SendaInnovative Research CenterInnovative Research CenterRestaurant/ShopRestaurant/ShopHiroshima Study Center,Hiroshima Study Center,The Open UniversityThe Open Universityof Japanof JapanHigashi-SendaHigashi-SendaLibraryLibraryKasumi CampusHiroshima CityCampus GuideAn essential center for deliveringadvanced medical education,pioneering research,and clinical expertise.Higashi-Senda CampusA significant center oflearning where the richhistory of HiroshimaUniversity comes to life.

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