Hiroshima University Admission Infomation 2023-2024

27Signing an inter-university agreement with the University of Parma, Italy (October, 2019)Opening of the Hiroshima University Munster Center (May, 2019) At Hiroshima University, the world becomes your campus. As a hub for international education and research, HU has established exchange agreements with partner institutions globally,drawing students from diverse corners of the world.1422Research students/Special auditing students, etc.:179Doctoralprogram:583including professionaldegree program studentsOverseas NetworkInternationalstudents:Bachelor’s degree program:89Undergraduatestudents:252Postgraduate students:1,474Research students/Special auditingstudents, etc.:163Master's program:712international studentsagreement institutions(university-level)international studentsagreement institutions(university-level)International Exchange Agreements (As of May 1, 2023)Between-universitiesInternational Students (As of May 1, 2023)1,726 students from 85 countries / regionsBetween-divisions1,726()4North America1223international exchangeLatin America2913international exchange3overseas bases400 agreements signed with 354 institutionsin 56 countries / regions412 agreements signed with 374 institutionsin 55 countries / regionsOverseas Networks

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