Hiroshima University Admission Infomation 2023-2024

Average monthly expensesof international studentsby regionAverage monthly expenses(Itemized list of Chugoku Region)The Hiroshima UniversityInternational HouseSun SquareHigashi-HiroshimaIkenoue Student DormitoryHiroshima International PlazaGlobal Relations Program(GRP)Kanto (Tokyo etc.)Kinki (Osaka etc.)Chugoku (Hiroshima etc.)Course Examples▶ Japanese language Japanese affairs▶ Japanese language and culture studies program▶ Japanese language preparatory education▶ Special additional Japanese language classes and the additional short-term intensive Japanese learning coursePhoenix International CenterMIRAI CREAHiroshima CityInternational House142,000National AverageStudent Life(in Japanese yen)CafeteriasThe HU Campus boasts 12 cafeterias and coffee shops, two of which offer a Halal menu.(in Japanese yen)26The average monthly living expenses (including school expenses) of international students are as follows:Source: Lifestyle Survey of Privately Financed Interna-tional Students, 2021 (JASSO) Sept., 2022RegionMonthly expenses(Higher education institution)Balance 8,000Study andResearch50,000HousingExpenses27,000Food28,000Support Examples▶ Physical and mental health consulting ▶ First aid▶ Health checkupMiscellaneous 7,000Commuting 3,000Hobbies & Entertainment 5,000Insurance & Medical 4,000Electricity, Gas & Water9,000174,000156,000158,000Health Support●Health Service CenterThe Hiroshima University Health Service Center is an on-campus facility providing specialized physical and mental health services to students and faculty, focusing on holistic well-being through its departments.Language Support●Morito Institute of Global Higher EducationThis institute provides international students with educa-tion in Japanese language, culture, and society studies.Living ExpensesOther SupportEveryday Life and Study Support●Tutor SystemTutors offer support for various aspects of student life, including academic challenges and daily issues.●Peer Support RoomThe counseling room, operated by students, provides a supportive environment where you can discuss your questions and concerns about student life.●Accessibility CenterThis center is dedicated to assisting students with disabilities in their academic pursuits.

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