Hiroshima University Admission Infomation 2023-2024

――― ――――――――――――― University DormsOther Accommodations 25The water, electricity, and gas charges for the above-mentioned facilities are to be paid by the students themselves at the actual cost. (*1) However, exceptions exist, such as the Phoenix International Center MIRAI CREA, where the water, electricity, and gas charges are a fixed flat rate of 10,000 yen.Regarding the accommodations mentioned above, please note that some accommodations may have a screening process or requirements for occupancy. (*2 Regarding the Hiroshima City International House accommodation information, please check the following URL. https://i-house-hiroshima.jp/)(in Japanese yen)Hiroshima University operates the HU International House and HU Ikenoue Student Dormitory, which provide student housing. Please note that accommodation options are limited, and as a result, more than half of our international students choose to reside in private apartments.Room Type / RoomDurationSingle(Bldg. A)Western-style1K (13.3m2)Western-style1DK(44.5m2)Western-style2DK (57.5m2)(Bldg. B)Family(Bldg. B)TYPE-AWestern-style(10m2)TYPE-BWestern-styleUp to 1 year(12m2)TYPE-CWestern-styleDorms(14m2)TYPE-DWestern-style(12m2) 1 week ~ 1 yearWestern-style 1K(16.7m2) Western-style1K(17.46m2)SingleFamily AWestern-style1K(35.31m2)1 ~ 4 yearsFamily AWestern-style1K(34.83m2)Family BWestern-style1K(52.83m2)SingleWestern-style1 ~ 2 years(19m2)SingleWestern-style(19.05m2)Up to 2 yearsFamilyWestern-style(39.51m2)NumberAvailableMonthly Rent60 rooms5,9005 rooms9,5005 rooms14,200292 rooms(64 for7,500Int’l Students)100 rooms(50 for4,700Int’l Students)100 rooms(51 for15,000Int’l Students)200 rooms(55 for4,700Int’l Students)34 rooms40,00090 rooms20,00020 rooms35,0009 rooms35,0002 rooms42,80019 rooms24,950~27,35080 rooms26,00020 rooms36,000Utility Costs・LaundryCommon Houseroom usage feeExpenses2,5002,0002,8003,1001,900About 10,000About 10,0002,000About 10,0001,200About 10,0002,00014,000*13,5004,5004,5004,5002,550Shared Facilities / Security DepositMultipurpose room,Laundry room, Shower facilities,Western-style toiletLounge, Multipurpose room,Laundry rooms, Dining room,Shower facilities (1 on each floor)Multipurpose room,Laundry roomsLounge, Multipurpose room,Laundry rooms, Dining room,Shower facilities (1 on each floor)Mail box, Delivery locker,Washing machine, Dryer,Vacuum cleanerSecurity deposit 40,000Bedpad and sheets fee 6,000Laundry room, Salon roomSecurity deposit 70,000Bedpad and sheets fee 9,000Laundry room, Salon roomSecurity deposit 70,000Bedpad and sheets fee 9,000Laundry room, Salon roomSecurity deposit 85,600Bedpad and sheets fee 9,000Laundry room, Salon roomKitchenThe Hiroshima UniversityInternational HouseIkenoueStudent DormitorySun SquareHigashi-HiroshimaHiroshima International PlazaGlobal Relations Program (GRP)Hiroshima CityInternational House*2Recommended Apartments for International Students by Hiroshima UniversityHiroshima University designates several apartments as suitable for international students. The housing fee ranges from approx. ¥17,000 to ¥31,000 (per month). Residents of these apartments can receive daily support from the Hiroshima University Co-op in English and Japanese.Affiliated Accommodation Hiroshima University has partnered with the following dormitories to promote exchanges between Japanese and international students, and residents of these dormitories can eat together and participate in exchange events. Through these events, they can interact and deepen their friendships. College Court Hiroshimadaigaku Kita / College Court Hiroshimadaigaku Mae / Dormy Higashi HiroshimaPrivate Apartments ●Higashi-Hiroshima City: Most rooms include a kitchen, toilet and bathroom; rents range from ¥20,000 to ¥50,000 per month.●Hiroshima City: Completely unfurnished rooms and rooms with bathrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms are available. Rent depends on the size of the room, facilities, etc.  (ranges from ¥30,000 to ¥80,000 per month)It is customary in Japan to pay key money, security deposit, broker's commission, and several months' rent in advance when signing the lease. We advise you to bring at least 4 to 6 months' rent when you finalize the contract.Married CoupleMen’s DormsMen’s DormsNew Student’sWomen’s DormsPhoenix International CenterMIRAI CREAPublic Housing Off-Campus (standard room)(separated bathand toilet room)(large room)Student LifeAccommodationStudent Life

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