Hiroshima University Admission Infomation 2023-2024

HU International Students Support FundDonations to the International Student Support Fund will be awarded in the form of Meal Cards for One YearDetailsStipend Amount: 132,000 yen equivalent per yearDuration: 1 yearNumber of Grantees: 12 recipientsContents of AwardsEmbassy RecommendationOn behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Japanese Embassies abroad make announcements regarding applications for MEXT scholarships. They also conduct the preliminary screening of applicants based on documents received, written tests, and interviews. On the basis of recommendations by Japanese embassies, MEXT makes the final selection of scholarship recipients.DetailsInquiryYour nearest Japanese EmbassyFor more informationhttps://momiji.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/momiji-top/en/international/privatelyfunded.htmlExcellent Student Scholarship ProgramHiroshima University’s scholarship program for outstanding graduate students in academic record and activities.Certifi cate of Commendation Souvenir Gift Full Exemption of Tuition Fees for Fall SemesterFor more informationhttps://www.jasso.go.jp/en/ryugaku/scholarship_j/index.htmlBecoming a private student in Japan was difficult. Fortunately, Hiroshima Universi-ty (HU) supports the students with scholarships, which motivated me to continue my Ph.D. directly at HU. I received support and funding from HU and private foundation scholarships, i.e., JASSO, Excellent-Student Scholarship, Yahata, Kumahira, and tuition and admission waivers. Now, I am receiving the Next-Gen-eration Fellowship, which funds my studies and research. Studying at HU provides excellent experiences to accelerate my academic skills as a researcher and scholar.Hiroshima University offers some special scholarship programs for international students.There are two different categories for the Japanese Government Scholarship: embassy recommendation or university recommendationAbout 40 private organizations provide scholarships to privately funded international students, benefiting approximately 180 students annually. These scholarships are exclusively available for self-funded students currently enrolled at Hiroshima University. Prospective students seeking admission to the university are not eligible to apply for these scholarships. To apply for this type of scholarship, interested students must follow the application guidelines provided by each respective organization.Outline of Application for Scholarships Offered by Private Organizations●Eligibility: "Student" status of residence. Additional requirements vary by organization.●Duration: Scholarships range from one year to a standardized number of years necessary to complete a course of study.●Monthly Amount: Scholarships vary from 20,000 yen to 200,000 yen.●Application Period: Applications are accepted from July of the previous year until June of the year you intend to receive the scholarship.After completing my Master’s degree in China, I chose Hiroshima University for my Ph.D. studies due to its outstanding research reputation in my field. During my time here, I discovered it to be an ideal place not only for academic pursuits but also for its diverse and multicultural environment. The faculty at Hiroshima University is incredibly supportive, guiding students not only in their studies but also in shaping their future careers. As I am nearing the completion of my PhD at Hiroshima University, I have made the decision to continue my work in the same department for the foreseeable future.Prior to Admission Scholarship Program(HU-PASP)Scholarship recipients are selected from students enrolled in the pre-arrival admissions system*.*A system in which students can take the entrance exams outside of JapanMonthly Stipend: 50,000 yenGrant: Tuition Fees ExemptionDuration: 1 yearNumber of Grantees: 4 recipientsUniversity RecommendationProspective international students:The university recommends to MEXT a certain number of outstanding students from abroad. MEXT is responsible for the final selection of scholarship recipients.Support office of your desired school/graduate school (on page 33)24Outlined below are the primary categories of scholarships offered to international students. It is strongly recommended to secure adequate funding prior to your arrival in Japan, as the allocation of grants is limited.3rd year of Chemical Engineering Course studentGraduate School of Advanced Science EngineeringFees and Scholarships3rd year of International Education DevelopmentProgram studentGraduate School of Humanities and Social SciencesPrivate ScholarshipPratiwi Tri Utami (Indonesia)Japanese Government (MEXT) ScholarshipsMEXT ScholarshipIkram Rana (Pakistan)Scholarship System for International StudentsHiroshima University’s Scholarship ProgramsScholarships from Private Organizations

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