Hiroshima University Admission Infomation 2023-2024

3After submission of documents4After contacting your potential supervisor5ApplicationMost graduate school applicants begin as research students at the University. During this time, they prepare for the entrance exams of their desired graduate schools while continuing to conduct research in their respective fields. The standard period of study as a research student is 6 to 12 months, with the possibility of extension if necessary.22IAO will send the result of the 'Pre-Application Contact Approval' (within approximately 2-4 weeks). If it is 'Approved,' please contact your potential supervisor directly to obtain informal acceptance.IAO will send a notification of application approval/rejection. If accepted as a research student and given permission to apply as a regular graduate student, you will receive an 'Approval Number'.Start online application according to the application guidelines of your desired program. If you do not need to register with the IAAS and contact the support office or potential supervisor, there is no requirement to enter the 'Approval Number'.Non-Degree ProgramsGraduate Degree ProgramsGraduate School Admission Processhttps://www.webshutsugan.com/hiroshima-u-en/portal/top/April admission   Apply by November of the previous yearOctober admission  Apply by May of the year of admissionAfter Document ScreeningAfter Entrance ExaminationOnline ApplicationApply to be aResearch StudentAccepted as aResearch StudentApply to be aRegular Graduate StudentAccepted as aRegular Graduate StudentNotification of results from IAO / Contact a potential supervisorNotification of Application Approval/Rejection from IAO

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