Hiroshima University Admission Infomation 2023-2024

#02#01●1st year master’s course, Interna-I am a Malawi government civil service employee at the Ministry of Education. With nine years of experience as a high school biology teacher, I take immense joy in guiding students toward successful careers in science, contributing to our country's self-reliance. To enhance my teaching materials, I chose to study at Hiroshima Univer-sity. Initially hesitant about studying abroad in Japan, I found a welcoming community and supportive professors at HU. The Japanese language course not only improved my communication skills but also deepened my understanding of the culture. Upon completing my studies, I intend to apply my newfound knowledge in Malawi and inspire fellow international students, especially those from Africa, to consider HU for its transformative educational experience.Continuing my degree in mechanical engineering, the available courses and assistance provided by Hiroshima University made it a clear choice, being able to challenge myself educationally and enjoy everything that the city of Hiroshima has to offer. I am happy to have experienced the Japanese and international cultures brought to Hiroshima University through many of my classmates and lifelong friends I made along the way. The student life present on campus makes me feel at home, seeing all of the smiling faces and participating in various sports and social clubs at Hiroshima University. My study abroad experience at Hiroshima University has encouraged me to consider spending more time in Japan and pursuing a future within the country. This includes the possibility of a career involving Japan or maintaining a meaningful, long-lasting connection.18Student Voices●1st year research student, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences●Pre-HU: Mzuzu University, Malawi●Research Theme: Investigating modern and effective methods of developing biology teaching●2nd year, special auditing student, Program of Mechanical Engineer-ing, School of Engineering●Pre-HU: University of Nevada, Reno, U.S.A●Research Theme: Fluid Mechanicstional Education Development Program, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences●Pre-HU: Cairo University, Egypt●Research Theme: Comparative Case Study between Egypt and Japan's Inclusive Education: Recognizing Challenges Teachers Face●3rd year bachelor course, Department of Integrated Global Studies, School of Integrated Arts and Sciences●Research Theme: Environmental Economics StudiesWhen deciding on my exchange program destination for my master’s degree, Hiroshima University stood out for two key reasons. Firstly, the comprehensive study program captured my attention. After meticulously reviewing the master’s degree curriculum and examining every subject, I found Hiroshima University’s offerings to be superior to those of other universities in the country. Secondly, the expertise of the teaching staff was unparalleled. In my quest to specialize in inclusive education, I couldn’t find a professor as specialized and dedicated as those at Hiroshima University. I consider myself fortunate to be under the mentorship of my current supervisor, Kawai Sensei, who has been instrumental in guiding my research journey. Additionally, Hiroshima University boasts a vibrant international communi-ty, fostering easy friendships and making daily life here enjoyable. This supportive environment further solidified my decision to pursue my academic endeavors here.Hiroshima University, especially IGS, is a great place to study. I have learned in an international environment with Japanese and interna-tional students, allowing me to learn about the country while gaining perspectives from different cultures. The support for international students is also well-prepared, including the dormitory, student support system, international events, and the Student Support Office. The main Higashi-Hiroshima Campus is rich in nature, providing a relaxing environment to study and explore. Studying at Hiroshima University has also encouraged us to reflect more deeply on interna-tional peace, considering Hiroshima's historical background. Since one of my goals is to become a bridge between Japan and Indonesia, it's valuable to think from both perspectives.Nuka Chimwemwe Kenson (Malawi)Bond Liam Elliott (U.S.A.)Yasmin Elmoghir (Palestine & Egypt)Yughie Yunior Alvadivia (Indonesia)#03#04Student Voices

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