Hiroshima University Admission Infomation 2023-2024

Program of Health Sciences [Master’s Course / Doctoral Course]The program aims to cultivate the following personnel:Nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, dental hygienists and dental technicians who can cope with enhanced / diversified health care and management as advanced medical professionals.Specialists / instructors at health facilities on the above professions.Educators / researchers at educational research institutions.Program of Medicinal Sciences [Master’s Course / Doctoral Course]According to the increased expectation for development of new drugs for public health maintenance, there are problems that cannot be solved in conventional research fields. The program aims to cultivate the personnel who can take leadership roles in extensive disciplines as follows:Drug discovery and pharmaceutical life sciences researchers pursuing to create innovative drugs.Educators / researchers who can develop and disseminate medicinal sciences fields.Program of Biomedical Science [Master’s Course]The program aims to cultivate the following personnel:Those who can promote basic / applied biomedical sciences at academic / research institutions on various interdisciplinary fields including biomedical science.Those who can engage in research development at healthcare companies. Those who can take leadership roles as medical practitioners with research-oriented minds at health facilities.Program of Public Health [Master’s Course / Doctoral Course]The Program of Public Health offers a systematic degree program for the 5 disciplines satisfying international standards, which aims to foster the personnel who can evaluate / implement evidence-based medicine, take major roles in policy evaluation / planning as public health administrators, and contribute to international health.Program of Medical Physicist [Master’s Course]The program aims to cultivate the following personnel:Medical professionals and technologists including medical physicists as highly skilled experts in medical physics who can cope with advancements in enhanced and diversified medicine, dentistry and health sciences at hospitals or health facilities.Educators and researchers who can contribute to promote medical physics fields at various educational institutions.Those who can take international leaderships in medical physics.14Graduate ProgramsBiomedicalSciencesGraduate School ofIntegrated HealthSciencesFor more informationhttps://www.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/en/bhsDivision ofProgram of MedicineProgram of Dental SciencesProgram of Pharmaceutical SciencesProgram of Radiation Biology and MedicineProgram of Health Sciences[Master’s Course / Doctoral Course]Program of Medical Physicist[Master’s Course]Program of Medicinal Sciences[Master’s Course / Doctoral Course]Program of Biomedical Science[Master’s Course / Doctoral Course]Program of Public Health[Master’s Course]Division of[Doctoral Course]We nurture human resources who possess broad academic knowledge and advanced research skills for advanced team medicine, who are capable of interdisciplinary and international activities, and who contribute to "science that leads to sustainable development". Biomedical andHealth SciencesDivision of Integrated Health Sciences

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