Hiroshima University Admission Infomation 2023-2024

13Program of MedicineThe program cultivates the following personnel:Educators / researchers who can acquire comprehensive knowledge and highly-specialized clinical competency, while playing academic・international leadership roles.Advanced medical professionals who can develop and apply the forefront of medical technologies in response to the demands of the times.Program of Dental SciencesThe program aims to cultivate the following personnel:Those who can acquire the ability to integrate / develop the field of dental medicine through carrying out advanced basic dental research.Those who can acquire the ability to develop the advanced dental medicine resulted from clinical application based on the advanced basic dental research, and the ability to widely spread the studies at both local and international levels.Program of Pharmaceutical SciencesThe program aims to cultivate the following personnel:Those who can make a contribution to the development of clinical pharmacy and pharmacotherapy for Japan through pharmaceutical education / research with profound knowledge on pharmacy. Those who can take international leaderships in pharmaceutical clinical fields focusing on medical care.Program of Radiation Biology and MedicineThe program aims to cultivate the following personnel:Those who can conduct advanced and systematic education / research extending from basic research to clinical radiology concerning the effect of radiation on the human body.Those who can widely develop the acquired knowledge and technology from the local community to international society.Graduate ProgramsTruck drivers unintentionally taking ‘microsleeps’ of a few seconds can cause terrible traffic accidents, but efforts and technologies aiming to prevent the problem have focused mainly on monitoring driver eye activity while missing a host of other key indica-tors of the problem.The Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences aims to nurture highly-advanced medical professionals who can take leading roles in advanced team health care, and promote the foremost educational research through deepening basic research, and collabora-tion / integration between the 4 disciplines: medical sciences, dental sciences, pharmaceutical sciences and health sciences.Furthermore, the School also offers students the opportunity to acquire comprehensive knowledge by the following ways:● To foster the personnel capable of building a new system for health, medical care and nursing to increase the length of healthy life expectancy in all stages of life● To reorganize the academic curriculum that provides cross-sectional programs with other research fields for further integration of education / research ● To offer students lectures given by academic instructors beyond the fields, besides profound expertise at their degree coursesin the Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Health Sciences fieldDeepening of fundamental research in the four fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and health sciences, and collaboration and fusion among these fieldsDivision of Biomedical Sciences [Doctoral Course]Graduate SchoolBiomedical and Health SciencesHU TOPICSPreventing truck crashes needs to take ‘dashcam’ approach to driver ‘microsleeps’Academic Degree Program2 Majors and 9 Programs

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