Hiroshima University Admission Infomation 2023-2024

Program of Basic BiologyProgram of Biomedical ScienceThe Program of Basic Biology provides various educational and research activities aimed at addressing fundamental issues in biology, by applying the latest technologies (genome information, genome editing, single-cell imaging, nanotechnology, microtech-nology, etc.) to various cultured cells, model organisms, and animals and plants that grow wild in the world of nature. Some successful results have already been applied to medical science and industry. The education and research provided by experienced faculty members specializing in these research themes provide students the chance to explore the frontiers of the mysteries of life. This Program is designed to develop human resources equipped with the abilities required to engage seamlessly in fundamental and applied research activities in biology and various other fields.As Japan is experiencing a “super-aging” society, the demand for advanced medical care continues to rise. In addition, it is greatly expected that the latest findings of basic life science are rapidly applied to the clinical application. In the Program of Biomedical Science, we bring together various faculty members of Hiroshima University and provide basic life science education from a medical perspective. We aim to develop talented persons who can flexibly respond to social demands with the knowledge and practical research skills acquired from a wide range of biological and life science research fields-from basic life science to medical science-and related industrial fields.Recent decades have seen rapid advances in computing and data science, their wide application to other scientific fields, and the progress of quantitative measurement technology in life science. To respond to such advances, it is imperative for the various life science fields to promote collaboration and cooperation with mathematical science. The Program of Mathematical and Life Sciences aims to create a new academic discipline by merging an extensive knowledge of and advanced expertise in life science, molecular science and mathematical science, and to provide learning and research opportunities in this new academic field. By taking full advantage of synergistic interaction with a wide range of life science-related areas, from the basics to application, this Program is committed to bringing innovation to the life sciences and fostering human resources who can pursue the principles governing life phenomena from a universal and analytical perspective.Using genome editing technology, we have produced an egg without the protein, called ovomucoid, that causes egg white allergies. Chicken egg allergies are one of the most common allergies in children. Though most children outgrow this allergy by age 16, about 30% will still have an egg allergy into adulthood. We will continue to conduct the practical application of allergy-reduced eggs.further research 12Graduate ProgramsGraduate School ofFor more informationhttps://www.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/en/ilifetoward Program of Biomedical ScienceProgram of Mathematical and Life SciencesWe foster students to have the ability to promptly adapt to the ever-changing and developing biological and life science research areas and to be able to solve various challenges facing global society.Program of Basic BiologyIntegrated Sciences for LifeProgram of Mathematical and Life SciencesProgram of BiotechnologyProgram of Food and AgriLife ScienceProgram of Bioresource ScienceProgram of Life and Environmental Sciences[Master's Course /Doctoral Course]Integrated Sciencesfor LifeDivision ofHU TOPICSMajor allergen in chicken eggs eliminatedby genome editing (Platinum TALEN) andits safety confirmed.

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