Hiroshima University Admission Infomation 2023-2024

Transportation and Environmental Systems ProgramThe Transportation and Environmental Systems Program aims to contribute to the international society by comprehensively solving technical problems regarding the transport equipment and distribution system from a broad point of view regarding the global environment protection, developing and establishing technology that contribute to the sustainable development of society, and developing engineers and researchers who can be engaged in such processes.Civil and Environmental Engineering ProgramThe Civil and Environmental Engineering Program aims to contribute to make the land and region safe, secure, and comfortable to live in through the educations of engineers and researchers in infrastructure. The technol-ogies developed in the program enables design and management of facili-ties of social infrastructure, mitigation of natural disasters (i.e. earthquakes and floods), maintenance and restoration of natural environments, and the solution of problems regarding the global environment.Smart Innovation ProgramSmart Innovation Program aims to contribute to the creation of new indus-tries through the development of new smart materials, smart measurement and control systems based on knowledge and technologies related to digi-tal manufacturing technologies such as model-based development and data / signal analysis. Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering ProgramThe Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering Program aims to develop a “knowledge-intensive society” by merging the existing academic systems beyond the border among them from a bird’s eye view while being based on the core area of expertise such as the natural environment, natural disas-ters, integrated physics, information system, media, and development technology.Architecture ProgramThe Architecture Program aims to develop architectural production tech-nology required for rationally realizing and maintaining safety and com-fortability of architecture familiar for mankind and cities that are composed of such architecture as well as engineers and researchers who support such development to contribute to development of people’s life and society at home and abroad.Informatics and Data Science ProgramThe Informatics and Data Science Program aims to promote the research and development of advanced technology regarding the informatics and data science and develop human resources who continuously try to make progress in a new academic area and can survive the international competi-tion to contribute to society.Quantum Matter ProgramThe Quantum Matter Program provides education and research in areas related to the physics and electronic engineering including materials science and condensed material physics. That is to say, the education and research in the Program aims to create a material that demonstrates a new quantum phenomenon and reveal the inner state of the material and inter-action between it and the external field using experiments and theories based on physics. Joint International Master's Programme in SustainableDevelopment (Hiroshima University and Leipzig University) [Master's Course]In order to resolve the pressing regional and global issues related to the SDGs, especially the environmentally-driven development issues caused by the rapid urbanization of developing countries, this program is designed for fostering human resources with an ability to conduct research and engage in practice based on the fundamental principles of sustainable development in environmental studies and by means of science and engi-neering approaches.10Graduate ProgramsAdvanced Scienceand EngineeringGraduate School ofFor more informationhttps://www.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/en/adse[Master's Course]Joint International Master’s Programmein Sustainable Development(Hiroshima University and Leipzig University)Mathematics ProgramPhysics ProgramEarth and Planetary Systems Science ProgramChemistry ProgramApplied Chemistry ProgramChemical Engineering ProgramElectrical, Systems, and Control Engineering ProgramMechanical Engineering ProgramTransportation and Environmental Systems ProgramArchitecture ProgramCivil and Environmental Engineering ProgramInformatics and Data Science ProgramSmart Innovation ProgramQuantum Matter ProgramTransdisciplinary Science and Engineering ProgramDivision of[Master's Course /Doctoral Course]We nurture human resources who, with advanced expertise in science, engineering, and information science at their core, acquire an integrated understanding of different fields and work to solve society's problems. Advanced Scienceand Engineering

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