Hiroshima University Admission Infomation 2023-2024

9Mathematics ProgramIn the Mathematics Program, students recognize the beauty of mathemat-ics through the specialized education of it, access the results of contempo-rary research to cultivate their interest and motivation towards research activities, and foster their international sense through reading English liter-ature and communicating internationally. In addition, the Program aims to educate students to obtain not only advanced ability, expertise, and wide knowledge required for research activities in mathematics, but also the capability of application, analysis, evaluation, and integration of the exper-tise for creative activities.Earth and Planetary Systems Science ProgramThe Earth and Planetary Systems Science Program regards various phe-nomena on Earth and planets as “a system”, through observation from microscopic to macroscopic spatial scales. We aim to discover and solve problems in the Earth and planetary systems from the perspectives of both science and society.Applied Chemistry ProgramThe mission of the Applied Chemistry Program is to nurture students as researchers and scientists who can design, synthesize, assemble, charac-terize, and analyze novel materials at the atomic and/or molecular levels, by teaching interdisciplinary subjects relating chemistry and research activities.Electrical, Systems, and Control Engineering ProgramThe Electrical, Systems, and Control Engineering Program aims to develop a methodology for various actual systems such as those for controlling electric energy systems and information processing that compose the important technological foundation supporting the modern society of the information age to contribute to communion with society and harmonic co-existence with the global environment from a global point of view.Physics ProgramThe Physics Program aims to develop human resources who can promote research in astrophysics/astronomy, elementary particle/nuclear physics, condensed matter physics using advanced light sources such as synchro-trons and laser, and synchrotron radiation science with a broad knowledge of physics as well as logical thinking. The Program also aims to develop human resources who can work in international environments and contrib-ute to society by utilizing their educational backgrounds and research expe-riences in basic science.Chemistry ProgramThe Chemistry Program aims to educate students to systematically obtain expertise regarding physical chemistry, organic chemistry, and inorganic chemistry to establish their knowledge base of basic chemistry, improve the ability for identifying and solving problems thorough the research activ-ities for elucidating any universal law or basic principle regarding the mole-cule structure and chemical reaction, and develop the sensibility and gen-eral judgment required for exploring the truth. Chemical Engineering ProgramThe Chemical Engineering Program aims to contribute to development of a sustainable recycling society in which the problems regarding environment, energy, and resources are solved through the creation of new functional materials and development of an efficient cycle of manufacture, separation, and recycling processes on the basis of knowledge and technology related to transfer, conversion, and circulation of materials and energy.Mechanical Engineering ProgramThe Mechanical Engineering Program aims to promote advanced and sophisticated research related to the mechanical engineering, take a lead-ing role for solving problems from a cross-disciplinary point of view, and provide the results of such activities to contribute to the establishment of an affluent and sustainable international multicultural coexistence society.Graduate ProgramsThe Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering is established as a flexible education and research organization by reorganiz-ing the existing graduate schools and major courses for science and engineering in Hiroshima University. It consists of two major courses (Division of Advanced Science and Engineering that contains 15 diploma programs, Joint International Master’s Programme in Sustain-able Development (Hiroshima University and Leipzig University)) .in the Science and Engineering fieldEstablishment of a Worldwide Research and Education Center Leading Science forSustainable DevelopmentDivision of Advanced Science and Engineering [Master's Course / Doctoral Course]Graduate SchoolAdvanced Science and EngineeringAcademic Degree Program2 Majors and 15 Programs

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